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Much love from us both

Verena & Alex

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    Verena (Tuesday, 12 November 2019 17:57)

    REPLY to Julia:

    You are welcome, Julia!
    We are glad that you feel inspired and encouraged by this.
    Yes, we all know this fear of rejection, but doesn't it feel so good to overcome it... : )
    Much love from us both

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    Julia (Tuesday, 12 November 2019 13:16)

    Hey Alex and Verena, just want to thank you for sharing your communication with the Insight Timer here. The way you express your concerns so authentically and powerfully without being disrespectful is so inspiring for my own personal life.
    I always struggle with expressing myself and finding the right words, because I am too afraid of rejection.
    I cannot thank you enough for being such a good role model for me to become more courageous and stand up for my truth.
    Wishing you all the best

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    Verena (Tuesday, 12 November 2019 09:47)

    REPLY to WindDancer:

    Thank you so much for your support and appreciation!
    It touches us deeply. Members like you make this group such a special community.
    And also a huge THANK YOU for the mail with the screenshots of your very clear message to the Insight Timer.
    We received several of those solidary and heartwarming mails and they surely all contributed to the fact that Alex's account is finally restored now.
    We just wrote another mail to the Insight Timer which you can read as an update in the section "Group".
    Let's see what happens now...
    A big hug from us both!

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    WindDancer (Tuesday, 12 November 2019 00:36)

    Hi Verena & Alex, I’ll be contacting insight timer support again. In solidarity I’ll be changing my profile on insight timer at least for the time being. If I get banned, I know I’ll find you here. I don’t get it and never will understand why both of you have found yourself in this situation. I love your fucking authenticity! Your contribution to the global community is needed, desired and incredibly fucking helpful. Peace and love to both of you. You inspire and are loved!

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    Verena (Monday, 11 November 2019 21:09)

    REPLY to Paul:

    Thank you for your support!
    We really wish that all this needless chaos and drama ends soon and we can simply post our daily quote in a safe surrounding - wherever this is. It's a kind of stress and hassle that really has to stop now.
    Sending you much love

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    Paul (Monday, 11 November 2019 19:04)

    Hello Verena and Alex,
    Just wanted to let you know that I submitted a message of support to Insight Timer, which included a request that Alex's account be reinstated. I also addressed the "strong language" issue, which should not be an issue in the first place.
    Much peace and love!

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    Verena (Monday, 11 November 2019 17:19)

    REPLY to Kate:

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

    REPLY to Brian:

    Thank you for your support.
    We could answer a lot of different things now. But I think we said the most important ones already.
    Ultimately the situation is very easy: don’t worry, like we said WE will never delete the group, so everyone can still find it and our website but we will stop posting the new daily quotes there until Alex’s account is finally restored and we get a short but clear message if we are welcome in the app or not.
    That should be possible, don’t you think? But the account is still not restored after three complete days and there is still JUST SILENCE.
    You cannot not communicate.
    The flimsy excuse and explanation after they deleted the group (and ONLY our group) some weeks ago was so ridiculous you wouldn’t believe it.
    That’s why we are not tolerant and trustful anymore now.
    Maybe we are simply too provocative and challenging for them, because the app itself follows VERY much the spiritual mainstream and doesn’t address the widespread and extremely damaging problem of spiritual bypassing, which is one of our main themes.
    We often post pretty raw quotes about themes like toxic parents, trauma, abuse, inner child, anger and so on and we want to know now if this is appreciated or at least tolerated by the developers. We don’t stay in a surrounding where we are not welcome at all.
    That’ s all. Not more and not less.
    It’s their decision, not ours.
    Thank you for standing behind us.

    REPLY to Bobbi Jo:

    Many thanks for your wonderful feedback.
    It’s great to hear that you share so much of our stuff with others.
    Yes, we are disappointed too. But no matter what happens we will make the best out of it.
    And we are happy that you will be a part of this!
    Thank you for your loyalty.

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    Bobbi Jo Bennett (Monday, 11 November 2019 15:59)

    Alex & Verena,

    I had come to read the daily quotes on Insight Timer every single day upon waking. I cannot tell you how many of them were EXACTLY what I needed. I'm disappointed that IT cannot recognize the healing you share so that others may find their way as well. Especially when I thought that is what the app is for.

    I'm happy to know that you have this space for those of us who wish to continue following you. I appreciate everything you share. I have ordered books from the authors you quote. I have shared them with others. You are beautiful souls. Thank you for the love and healing you share. Thank you for keeping it real.

    In gratitude,
    Bobbi Jo�❤�

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    Brian (Monday, 11 November 2019 15:58)

    Dear Verana and Alex,

    I also really appreciate your group, I read your daily post every day after I complete my morning meditation. I’m worried that you are coming to a cross road where you may decide to turn off the group and only have it on the web. While I’d follow you down that path, I’d be sadden at the thought of the number of people who would’ve found your group and message, but could not.

    While Insight Timer definitely owes you a response, I can’t help but imagine some of the things they are dealing with.

    Concerning the use of profanity, there are certain “environments” that I’d like it to not be used it. Insight Timer isn’t one of them. One are environments that my toddler, who is just learning to talk, is immersed in. For example his day care, I’d expect his teachers to not use them. Eventually I’d expect to teach him that there are words that he shouldn’t use in every environment he’s in. Also areas where profanity is used a lot, I’d expect that they probably don’t want kids there. For example I imagine your forthcoming book isn’t targeted for a child. By the time my kid could use insight timer (say age 5-7), I’d figure he’d know about profanity so therefore I am ok with it on there, but maybe there are more sensitive parents than me.

    Another thing is IT is dealing with are 10.5 million people, all with different sensitivities that should be considered. It’d be impossible for them to check every post for improper speech (eg hate speech). So I imagine they are relying on algorithms and people to report for content monitoring. I’d guess that one of those things flagged the tag line. Hopefully they have a robust, and reasonable correction process when the report isn’t warranted. But the speed of it will depend on their funding and staff. Probably two thirds of the reports aren’t warranted, but they might be erring on the safe side because the one third is. You guys experienced this within your own group and resulted in turning off the comment feature. If IM went all the way down that path they’d turn off all tag lines, posts, groups, etc.

    I don’t know which way they may fall. It seems ridiculous for them to say no profanity in tag lines, or even have groups state the ol’ “may contain explicit language”. Whatever they say, please really consider their point of view, and what they have to deal with, before making your decision. What ever you decide I’m 100% behind you.

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    Kate (Monday, 11 November 2019 15:17)

    I just want to thank you for being YOU!
    Feel supported and loved. You deserve all the best.


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    Verena (Monday, 11 November 2019 14:23)

    REPLY to Michael:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, Michael! Love and peace to you!

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    Michael (Monday, 11 November 2019 13:44)

    You both are so fucking amazing!
    I just read your message to the Insight Timer and your courage and authenticity are so fucking inspiring!
    I love all of your quotes and enjoy reading them evry single day.
    The last Jeff Foster Quote for example was life-changing for me.
    I am really grateful for this.
    I will write a message to the Insight Timer now myself and express my discontent.

    Thank you!


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    Verena (Monday, 11 November 2019 12:14)

    REPLY to April:

    Hey April, I think you misunderstood: Alex has no own group, it's all about our group "Remember who you are". His whole account has been banned.
    Thanks for your support anyway.
    Much love


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    April (Monday, 11 November 2019 12:03)

    What is the name of Alex' group on Insight Timer? I'd like to join and advocate for his group!

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    David (Thursday, 07 November 2019 20:41)

    Hi Verena,

    When I first saw your very long post today I thought WTF.

    I came back to it later and read it and I felt very grateful that you were not afraid to post such a long quote.

    Every word resonated with me.

    Thank you for today’s post and thank you for all the past and hopefully future posts that you so kindly take the time to find and post.

    With much blessings.


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    Art (Friday, 01 November 2019 12:22)

    Verena & Alex,
    The best that I can put it is that your words speak to my heart, to the core of my authenticity. They are inspiring.
    I like to write, as I do often on Insight Timer. When I feel the motivation, the words just naturally flow because their source in the moment is from the very core of my authentic heart/self.
    The challenge is to live each day in accordance with my words. To the extent that I do so is the ultimate gift that I can give to myself and to the world.
    I don't want to short sell myself. I am making good progress in not only learning who I truly am, the unique authentic "Art", but living in accordance with that authentic Self, day by day.
    The question just arose "how would I describe my authentic self?". I shall answer that on Insight Timer.
    Thank you for both this internet site and also your insight timer postings.

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    Kim (Saturday, 12 October 2019 18:46)

    Verbena & Alex���

    I am grateful beyond any words for your presence in this world. For the work you do, the time, energy and effort it takes to offer your gifts and fierceness, to take the risks and create space for vulnerability and truth! What fucking amazing wholehearted human beings you are...
    I may go for a week or 2 and not check your group on Insight Timer and whenever I do open it up and make the time and space to sit with it, I am always, always moved blown away shifted and made raw in some new way...a space I’d forgotten might wake up...or a softening of some wound or fear might happen...
    Whatever it’s vital and a necessity...

    So I am extending thanks, gratitude, admiration from the bottom and depths of my heart and soul����

    Also want to speak to the turn of events that forced you to change the format of your insight timer community...that was horrible in ways I couldn’t have imagined, how you were treated and what you went through. I was completely dumbfounded and angered by what you described...but your awareness and discernment, your fierce, whole selves found a way...a way that was respectful and loving towards yourselves and also shared respect and compassion for each of us...those of us who were fed and nourished by your work! I was inspired and energized by your sharing when it all happened. Again, thank you for leading the lives you do...and for sharing them with us! With hugs and fierce tenderheartedness, Kim �

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    Patrick Leclercq (Saturday, 12 October 2019 11:08)

    Hi Verena, Hi Alex,
    The smartphone with which I followed your wild quotes was a professionnal tool. And since my fixed-term contract is ending soon, I am glad to find you here and to be able to thank you for the unsettling but reinvigorating refreshment these quotes were the conduct of.
    May we never settle into complacency, nor in self-loathing.
    May we live in an alert quietness.
    Be well !

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    WindDancer (Monday, 23 September 2019 14:28)

    Really happy to see you back on Insight Timer! Love and gratitude for all you do! ❤️������

  • #85

    Suzanne (Monday, 23 September 2019 09:31)

    Yayyyyy you’re back....:-)))

  • #84

    John Saul (Monday, 23 September 2019 06:06)

    I am disappointed that the Insight Timer organization would separate your wonderful gift to the world from those of us who greatly and consistently benefit from your love and energy. Please keep us informed of any progress toward restoration of the group. I will contact the organization and communicate my disappointment.

  • #83

    John (Monday, 23 September 2019 05:20)

    Very upset about the disappearance of the Group. As a long time follower I appreciate all your hard work and your insight. I have contacted Insight Timer to voice my concern. Hope for a return of your wonderful group.

  • #82

    WindDancer (Sunday, 22 September 2019 21:47)

    Verena & Alex, I would like an answer from Insight Timer too. “Remember who you are” on the Insight Timer App inspires me everyday! Thank you so much for all you do. The global community needs more of your offerings. And you help me on my personal journey every single day. You are appreciated! Hope to see the group restored. I will be a visitor to your website. With gratitude, peace and love.

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    Clairone (Sunday, 22 September 2019 19:46)

    Miss the quotes! I had just recommended you to someone just a few days ago, too.! Glad to hear that you are doing okay. Thanks for all your support and hard work! Hope it's just a glitch! Best regards to you both!

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    Emily Malate (Sunday, 22 September 2019 19:14)

    Really miss your daily quotes on Insight Timer. Hope the group can be restored. I appreciate your life view and inspiration so much.

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    Lauren (Sunday, 22 September 2019 18:46)

    Verena & Alex,

    Thank you for the post here on your website regarding the mysterious disappearance of your "Remember who you are" group on Insight Timer!

    For months it has been a morning ritual of mine to visit the daily quote before I get out of bed to start my day, and I was shocked to see the group not listed in my list of groups just now.

    The first thing I did was search for the group, thinking that perhaps my membership was accidentally deleted. Upon discovering that the group was gone from the app altogether, I checked your website and found your post, which comforted me. I'm so appreciative that you posted this so that we'd all know what's going on!

    Next, as you suggest, I will try contacting Insight Timer.

    Thank you again for this communication and for the beautiful work you do posting the enriching daily quotes. I hope that Insight Timer restores the group ASAP.

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    Lisa (Sunday, 22 September 2019 17:33)

    Dear Alex and Verena,
    I cannot believe that your group is deleted!
    How terrible that you have no forum there anymore now to explain the members that it wasn't YOU who deleted it.
    Many members surely do not find your profile or your website anymore. Maybe this is exactly what the Insight Timer wants...
    That you simply disappear with all of your uncomfortable and inconvenient truths, how sad!
    Maybe we should inform the other members of our group in the other main groups, so that they can support you too.
    I love all that you are doing, also your beautiful website here.
    The images with your quotes are just stunning!
    Please be sure that we all support and appreciate you!
    I will contact the support team right now...
    Best wishes and THANK YOU!

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    James (Sunday, 22 September 2019 16:09)

    Good morning Alex and Verena,
    I too am dismayed! Your daily bits of clarity have been my mainstay for the last three years! I feel a hole in my life right now! I was so glad that I did do a couple of screen pics of some of the quotes so that I could find my way to your website! I will check in when I can, but would love to see your group restored to Insight Timer. I work in a teaching profession - my current job works with many students who have ongoing adverse childhood experiences, and I too, have my own ACEs that I continue to work through. Your nuggets have sustained my own journey! For whatever it is worth, thank you for all you do and know that with you, I have been able to keep moving forward! Peace!

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    Verena (Sunday, 22 September 2019 15:53)

    Thank you all so much, also for the many supportive mails!!!
    Yes, it would be very helpful if you would all reach out to Insight Timer, too.
    We still got absolutely no explanation from them what's going on.
    Very sad and like Suzanne said totally unacceptable if they simply deleted it... : (

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    Claudette Evans (Sunday, 22 September 2019 15:40)

    So sorry to see or not see the group this morning. It has been a balm for my heart and mind. Pl ease let us know if we should reach out to Insight Timer to assist with the restoration of the group.

    Namo namaha

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    Suzanne (Sunday, 22 September 2019 15:37)

    Dear Verena and Alex

    I am a big fan of you both and everything you stand for. I too share the same authentic, spiritual path as you do. I check in with the group daily, and was also shocked to see the group missing. I read your message on your website this morning and then emailed insight timer support myself. I just received a standard reply saying “they’ll get back to me once this has been fixed.”

    I want you to know that even though I love the app, you have my full support if the group has been deleted, it would be totally unacceptable, underhand behaviour by insight timer.

    Best wishes and a massive thank you, for all that you do.


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    Chris (Sunday, 22 September 2019 13:57)

    Hey Verena and Alex,
    your group and the thought-provoking and wise quotes have been a very much appreciated part of my daily meditation practice during the last year. It has been a very dark period in my life and your quotes have helped me through so many days. Thank you so much! You are wonderful people!
    If the Insight Timer deleted the group without any message or explanation, I will cancel my membership and not use this app anymore, because I wouldn't want to meditate in such an atmosphere of pseudo-positivity, inauthenticity, and narrow-mindedness.
    I really hope the group will be restored again.
    It was the most nourishing part of this app.
    But I think if they didn't tell you yet that it has been a technical problem, then the only explanation is that they have deleted it and don't have the balls to communicate openly about it.
    Sending you much love and support!


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    Tish Oakley (Tuesday, 30 July 2019)

    You are AMAZING!! I love your daily quotes on Insight Timer; I always go to you after my morning Reiki session. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud, and sometimes it makes me sob. Thank you, thank you, thank you � Namaste.

  • #71

    Jessica (Saturday, 27 July 2019 15:56)

    Dear Verena and Alex, I just want to say:
    thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do!!!

  • #70

    Michael Cooper (Thursday, 13 June 2019 16:26)

    After a long break I took the time to get caught up and figured out what happened. While I am so sad it came to this, I understand that you both are "only human" and not invincible to the toxicity and violence of the shamers, blames, and holders of bypassing. I feel sickened at the thought of how these suffering souls have harassed and stalked you and tried to poison the well of life and truth that you have provided for us. I have been so impressed with your tenderness and generosity in responding to me and acknowledging me. I felt I had found friends and home, but in an empowering way. Your guidance through these quotes resonated with the voice of others like Jeff Foster, and my own inner Child who has been trying to guide me all along by making me feel vaguely uncomfortable around that which sounds true but only distances us from our truth, the truth that cannot be inactivated by pretending it doesn't exist. You both have been mentors and guides to me, and I credit you with awakening me to the truth, which serves as the "drum head over my chakras", discerning, filtering, attenuating the distortions from the underlying wisdom. This has kept me from going under in a sea of guilt and repression, and from throwing the spiritual baby out with dirty bath water in a giant "fuck you" to spirituality altogether. Your message of authenticity is my north star and my gratitude and love toward you would be impossible to overstate. I hope somehow to keep in touch, if it is meant to be and, at the same time, I have deepest respect for your need for privacy and safety, and your courage to live your life together in integrity. Know that you have my love and desire for your fullest healing. Thank you so much for being the voice of sanity calling us to come home to ourselves.

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    Adrian (Tuesday, 04 June 2019 12:33)

    Dear Verena & Alex,

    I wish to thank you with all my heart for the service and time you give in helping others on their healing journeys and mine included, the time you give to putting up quotes on Insight Timer have helped me more than you can possibly now right now, some mornings when it has literally been an internal train wreck with pain, hurt, fear, desire, anger amongst so much more than can go on within my internal world on any given moment/day, your posts have been there and given me the strength and courage to continue getting on out of bed and showing up for myself or on some days to stay in bed and to comfort and nurture myself and in all of that to continue on the healing path from past trauma, childhood abuse, drug addiction, suicide attempts, the list of trauma is long and the magical thing is i'm healing from it all bit by bit and moment by moment & learning to be real and authentic in it "To be a real person" as you quoted yesterday.

    I have remembered who I am in this also and that I am an elder soul who has a story to tell soon with the hope that others can learn and benefit from what they read or hear.

    I send love, appreciation & gratitude


  • #68

    Lawna Gamble (Monday, 27 May 2019 12:51)

    While I mediated daily, I check group messages randomly. I always smile that the posts here are applicable to the very circumstance in which I find myself at the time. Your heartfelt influence for authentic and unapologetic healing is radiant. I appreciate what you’ve done via Insight for it has influenced my trusting the process of living out loud.

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    Eileen (Monday, 20 May 2019 18:24)

    Thank you both. I read the response you directed me to and cried. For the authenticity,for the pain and hassle of being stalked and criticized, for the commitment to continued healing. I share these values and sometimes feel very alone on this path. I greatly relate and appreciate you sharing your simple lifestyle when not in the world.
    I recently retired from 36 years as a medical provider, the last 30 in alcohol and drug abuse treatment work. My empathic nature was validated by patients. Now i do not have that source of validation, although the quiet and recovery from caregiver burnout working in a state run system is absolutely necessary for my own healing. I dance and compete in ballroom, also do not involve myself in social media platforms, and do not currently have a partner. I share all of this b/c i have found this group a source of companionship in a very real and meaningful way for me. I do silent meditation retreats with Jac OKeefe, my spiritual teacher/ friend of 10 years. I am renewed at these retreats, but since retiring can afford to go to only one per year.
    Just feels good to be able to express my truth as it is currently, to both of you, and know it will be heard.
    Much much love to you both. I honor our paths in this life and am grateful they have crossed, even if virtually. ���

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    Eileen (Sunday, 19 May 2019 23:13)

    Hi Verena and Alex
    I read the posts in the group on insight timer every day even if i miss meditating that day.
    I wonder if there is a reason the discussion/ ability to respond has been disabled?
    It is perfectly fine either way for me. Just noticed it.
    Much much love and appreciation fir what you share every single day. ���

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    Diane (Saturday, 11 May 2019 14:17)

    Today I searched for the phrase "Remember who you are" and found your website. Thank you for your inspirational words. I am transitioning at 70 to a heart based life. I am learning to love myself.

  • #64

    David (Tuesday, 07 May 2019 19:38)

    Hi Verena,

    I took a long break from Insight Timer and reinstalled it yesterday. I was one of your early members on your Remember Who You Are group as I transitioned with you from the Rumi group. I always looked forward to your quotes.

    What a pleasure to see that you are still offering your wonderful and insightful selection of quotes for the benefit of others

    You are an example to me and I’m sure to others too of how to walk the spiritual path with determination and perseverance.

    I wish you and Alex all the very best in all that you do.

    Thank you,


  • #63

    Marguerite (Tuesday, 30 April 2019 12:49)

    G'day Verena and Alex
    Thanks for all the IT posts which I find good to reflect on when I get in to bed. I'm slow to post a comment here as when I tried to read your letter the text was too big to fit on the Samsung tablet screen but OK here on the computer monitor and seems to be OK on the smartphone as I just checked. Best wishes to you and Alex and let me know when you come to Australia for a holiday so my German/Australian friend Sylvia and I can show you around!

  • #62

    Simon (Sunday, 28 April 2019 23:22)

    Thanks to you both for all you’re doing. Big support from me regarding disabling the comments and freeing up some time and energy. Lots of love and supportive vibes. Simon.

  • #61

    Carolina (Thursday, 25 April 2019 17:18)

    Dear Verena and Alex,

    I am so moved this morning reading your message on the website, thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I know that it took time and also energy to come to this conclusion about making the change in the insight timer group. I have been following your group on the app for a few years now, and in fact it is the only group I am part of. I left other groups because it was too much clutter. I have sometimes commented on your posts there, and more often have clicked the like button for the quotes that have really resonated with me. And sometimes I have taken my own breaks from the app, only to find a lovely abundance of wisdom waiting for me in your offerings.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom in this weary world. Thank you so much for your strength. Thank you so much for sharing your journey as human beings with us. It is not unnoticed here in the Midwestern US, where I sit in my living room watching the spring budding trees finally emerge, where I prepare for my day as a university professor. In fact your wisdom infuses my work frequently, and your message today here on your website is one I am so glad I took the time to read because it is having a rippling effect into my own thinking about energetic boundaries with the many people I engage with, in many kinds of settings. And in fact I teach about social media and the impact on our thinking and our being… So your journey and your sharing has touched my thinking about this. Thank you.

    But the main reason I wanted to offer a comment is because I am out here holding a candle to you both with much love (poetically, right at this moment I hear fire engine sirens outside! Such a symbol of our world and the humanity we are all striving to reclaim, remember...) surrounding the both of you with prayers for strength and well-being. I know from much work online myself that it is impossible to know what people are thinking out there unless they tell you. So thank you for this space.

    Be well, and thank you again for your love and care for yourselves, which models this to the rest of the world. Wishing you continued wholeness and heart-filled days of peace.

    Carolina ❤️

  • #60

    Maritza (Wednesday, 24 April 2019 14:26)

    I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to share your messages, thoughts and lives. I read your message about the troubles of people sending immature replies. I have just started the group and did not realize the going ons and again thank you for keeping strong. You are doing a wonderful and beautiful thing, after all we are all here to help one another, keep each other standing on our feet, amd spiritually strong. I have also had a toxic childhood and have gone on a journey to healing starting in my twenties. Much older now, not too far from fifty and continue with meditations to bring balance to my soul. We have to keep keeping on and striding forward, so keeping toxic people out of your lives is the most healthiest and wonderful gift you can give to yourself. May you both receive many Blessings in abundance and be surrounded with love, peace and protection, so this shall be.
    Love and Peace to you both

  • #59

    Heidi (Wednesday, 24 April 2019 12:33)

    Hello Verena and Alex,
    Thank you so much for what you do. The energy, the effort behind what’s involved, thank you! I can’t remember how I came across you on the Insight Timer, but I am so grateful that I did. When I am in a dark place, I always find my way to your quotes and they always help me to find my way through. I love the community you have created, these places of connection are vital and I am so grateful that you have found a way to continue with it. Om shanti shanti shanti! Much like love to you both!

  • #58

    Jae (Wednesday, 24 April 2019 04:35)

    Thank you for both your authenticity and your hearts in what you do through your writings and posts and sharing of your journeys. I deeply respect and understand your views in your Insight Timer message. Thank you for being here and BEING YOU.

  • #57

    Kimo (Tuesday, 23 April 2019 21:28)

    Hi Guys
    Just read your posted letter.
    You are both awesome and thank you for everything.
    Blessings and Good Thoughts

  • #56

    Tom (Tuesday, 23 April 2019 14:40)

    Verena and Alex,
    I just finished reading your posted letter referenced from IT. While dealing with a worldwide readership lends itself to 24/7 attention, the extent of the “problem people” you two also had to address is not acceptable. I am amazed you were able to keep it going so long! The path you are implementing will hopefully be more manageable for you two and still allowing for exposure to a larger forum that can demonstrate there is another way and yet provide direction to searching for more. This is really a testament to your dedication and love, I hope I could be this open and giving faced with such an issue. Thank you.

  • #55

    Clif (Thursday, 24 January 2019 14:09)

    I’m going through a process of enhancing my own self love and appreciate your site and your stories. Thank you.