Hello YOU, 


We are here on Earth to learn, grow, expand our awareness, and develop divine virtues through human experiences: experiences of love, joy, and comfort, but also those of pain, loss, and suffering. 


After many years of watching myself and the others,

I dare to say that trying to repress the dark feelings instead of welcoming, integrating, and transforming them creates the ultimate suffering.


We came to this planet to be faced with the FULL range of ALL possible emotions. This idea thrilled us in the world beyond because it offers so much potential to grow. It helps to remember this especially when we are in the “dark night of the soul“ here on Earth.


We have to go to the darkest and most vulnerable place inside of us if we want to FEEL the warmth and intensity of our inner light. 


My whole life and my spiritual journey seem to revolve around the revelation of lies and illusions and the remembrance of who we really are on an individual and a collective level. 


I find myself again and again in situations that teach me or sometimes force me to accept ALL my feelings radically and compassionately, love myself unconditionally and speak the truth.


I studied psychology and pedagogics, but it was LIFE that taught me the really important lessons. My own childhood was full of lies and inauthenticity, and my husband Alex suffered a horrible violent trauma at the age of ten.

It took almost 30 years to break free from the chains of amnesia and repression, and it keeps us in the process of awareness, expression and healing every single day.


Genuine healing feels like peeling an onion:

Layer after layer of the truth has to be revealed.

This process is incredibly challenging and painful and at the same time stunningly beautiful, magical and life-affirming.

Because of this process, I started writing to express myself and share what we both have learned on our healing journey together.


The repression of truth and the dissociation from our true feelings and our body mostly starts in early childhood, often continues until the last breath and is handed over unexposed to the next generation. 

This toxic cycle has immense consequences for the individual, family and relationships, business world, politics, society, and, thus for all of us.


Even spirituality and meditation can be used to repress feelings and uncomfortable truths by just escaping into the higher realms of an unreal pseudo-enlightenment and non-judgmental "gentleness"and by running away from everything that demands our ability to stand up for ourselves and set healthy boundaries.


This website is a safe space for people who want to heal by allowing and integrating their true feelings.

It's free from (spiritual) bypassing, double-bind messages, platitudes, or any other bullshit.


Spirituality should help us to see through the challenges of our everyday life and reveal them as triggers for our unique graceful learning process.

Otherwise it’s a hide-and-seek game that we play with ourselves; we fool ourselves, and it keeps us away from experiencing who we really are: sentient human beings and immortal divine souls.


Much love from us both



Verena & Alex