Hello You,


We are two souls traveling through time and space together - healing and breaking the toxic cycle of intergenerational trauma by allowing our true feelings. 

Our purpose is to transform darkness into light and to support others on their healing journey. 


The repression of truth and the dissociation from our true feelings and our body mostly starts in early childhood, often continues until the last breath, and is handed over unexposed to the next generation. 


This toxic cycle has immense consequences for the individual, the relationships, the business world, politics, society, and, thus, for all of us.


We think humanity is at the beginning of a very challenging and transformative period: Outdated traditional belief systems and antiquated artificial structures are revealing themselves and collapsing more and more because a higher and more authentic level of consciousness is taking on.

It's a shift from FEAR to LOVE.


We both have psychological and educational qualifications, but it was LIFE and our individual and common healing journey that taught us the essential lessons. 

Especially the surfacing of an incredibly horrible violent trauma that happened to Alex at the age of ten forced us to dive deep into the shadow aspects of being human.

It compelled us to remember who we are and to share what we have learned and still learn every day.

If you want to know more about Alex's Story, you can read the text "Alex's Story" under the section "Writings".

The phrase "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE" illuminates the two most important aspects of healing:


1. Remember that inside of you is an inner child, an innocent and lovable kid with an open heart and a free spirit.

Who were you before all of these things happened in your childhood?


2. Remember that you are a magnificent, powerful, and immortal soul. 

Who will you be when the veil of oblivion lifts after this incarnation?


The answer to both questions will ultimately be the same: 


You are LOVE. 



Even if we are both deeply spiritual and utterly believe in LOVE as the underlying and universal principle, we never resonated with any religions, or with the typical spiritual mainstream. 


Unfortunately, spirituality and meditation are often used to repress feelings and uncomfortable truths by just escaping into the higher realms of an ungrounded pseudo-enlightenment and by running away from everything that demands our ability to stand up for ourselves and set healthy boundaries.


False Forgiveness, fake gentleness, pseudo positivity, the rejection of "bad" feelings like anger, the demonization of the Ego, or the glorification of parents no matter what are prevalent and very damaging dogmas within the spiritual community - they are all designed to avoid feeling pain.

Everyone who starts a healing journey will be confronted with these hackneyed platitudes.


Genuine healing feels like peeling an onion:

Layer after layer of the truth or in other words, the energy that is stored in the body has to be revealed.

This process can be incredibly challenging and painful and, at the same time, stunningly beautiful, magical, and life-affirming.

Our message is that everything can be healed by this inner work.

The only way out is in. 


This website is a safe space for people who want to heal by allowing and integrating their true feelings.


It's free from (spiritual) bypassing, double-bind messages, sugarcoating and platitudes.

After the negative experiences with the "Insight Timer"-App, where our group with 50.000 members has simply been deleted by the CEO (because our authenticity and truthfulness didn't fit into their concept of mainstream "love and light only" spirituality), the most important thing for us is always to stay independent, authentic, and uncensored. 


May our texts, images, guided meditations, and our daily quote bring you love, self-love, truth, authenticity, wholeness, healing, and support…


Much love from us both


Verena & Alex, RWYA



Guided by Verena & Alex, RWYA