What is your commitment? 

What is your inner vow? 

For which aspect of your soul would you give your life rather than to betray it?


Here is mine:


I will always keep my heart open.

I will always stay vulnerable. 

I will always allow my heart to spread and receive love. 


No matter how many people hurt me, no matter how many knives I have to pull out of my heart, no matter how often I have to recover after an emotional letdown, no matter how many protective walls around my heart, that I build up in shock, I have to tear down again.

I will tear them down.


Each attack only makes me stronger, leading me to greater self-love and love.

Till one day, my intuition and my strong boundaries are so well developed through all this trial and error, that my heart feels very safe with me and I feel safe with my heart.


If someone would force me to choose: “You can now decide to finally close your heart, admit that it is too dangerous to trust and to be vulnerable; otherwise I will kill you.”

I would answer: “Then kill me.”


I would prefer this one last second of being authentic and openhearted, rather than living maybe forty years in a state of separation and dullness, being buried alive.

No one will ever be able to close my heart.

No one. 


That's why I am here.

That's what I can teach you.

That's the most precious gift I have to offer you.


What is your gift?

What is your commitment?

What can you teach me?


(Verena, RWYA)