I give myself the time to begin this day consciously by connecting with myself and remembering who I am.


I am alive right now. I breathe.

I feel my feet on the ground.

I am a divine soul and a human being in a human body.

I sense my human heart pulsating in my chest. 


I look around at my surroundings and see the details of my here and now. For this moment, I decide to embrace it exactly as it is, no matter if I love it, or if I desperately wish it would be different. 


I close my eyes and breathe. 


All that I have is the here and now. All that anyone has is the here and now. And right now, it’s okay just like it is.


I am okay just like I am.

I breathe, and in my breath, I feel that I am enough.

I am alive, and I am enough.

I love myself just as I am. 


Today I won’t wait for anyone to love me, I will give myself the love that I long for. And if I sense a resistance or if I simply cannot feel it, it’s okay, because I know the reason: there are old wounds in my heart of not having been loved unconditionally. They still hurt too much and try to convince me that I am not lovable.

Today, I am gentle with these wounds and with myself.

And I breathe into my acceptance and into my resistance.

I allow it all just to be there.

I allow myself to feel whatever I feel. 

And if I feel nothing, I allow myself to feel nothing.


At this moment, I don’t have to change anything; I just sense what is there, no matter how uncomfortable, joyful, painful, peaceful, or confusing, or mixed up it is.

My feelings are valid. I trust my perception. 


I trust my body. I allow the arising body sensations to unfold and I breathe into them. I am gentle with myself. I don’t push or force or repress anything: I just allow whatever wants to come to the surface. And I realize that I am strong enough for it.

I can handle my feelings.

I trust in the profound wisdom of my body, that only what needs to be felt, arises, not more and not less.


My body is my best friend here on Earth.

Today, I commit to become its best friend, too, by listening to its messages and breathing into the sensations.


When I feel the need for any expression, I allow it; maybe a sigh, or a yawn, perhaps some tears want to run down my cheeks, or I feel the need to scream.

It’s okay.

All feelings are welcomed now.

All emotions have a right to be there.

They just want to be embraced, accepted and loved.

My feelings are valid. I trust my perception.

I am so grateful to give myself this space today.

It’s a present that I give to myself.


By embracing all of my feelings, I connect with my true self,

my freedom, my strength, and my purpose.


I am a soul in a human body.

And I am on this Earth right here, right now, because I am a unique expression of the divine, which is needed on this planet right here, right now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.

Maybe I don’t know why; maybe I don’t understand this mystery with my mind; but that’s okay. I don’t have to comprehend it;

I just have to be me.

I just have to know that I am enough and I am loved so deeply and unconditionally. 


I am surrounded by a love that embraces my whole being, even if maybe I cannot feel it right now. It doesn’t matter if I call it “God“, “the divine“, “the universe“, “the oneness“, or simply “LOVE“, it is there, it surrounds me, it encompasses all of us, just in this second.

In every second.


And today I attune myself to connect with it, to sense it right in the middle of my chest, in my heart chakra.

It vibrates from there, from inside myself. 

Maybe it’s hidden behind massive protective walls, perhaps it's just a tiny seed or a slight vibration, or maybe it’s a strong tingle, pulsating like crazy and making me smile; however I feel it today, it’s okay.

I simply sense whatever is there.


I will never lose this love, this light, even if maybe I cannot feel it for years or decades.

It waits for me patiently and unconditionally.

Every single day I have the chance to return to this source, to this love, inside myself, maybe in tiny baby steps, maybe in a quantum leap.

It doesn’t matter.


All that matters is that at this moment, on this new day, I give myself the space to feel whatever I feel, because I am okay just as I am. All of my feelings are okay and understandable.

I am gentle with myself. I am enough. I am loved. 


As I start this brand new day, I will stay connected with my true self, with my true feelings. I will not allow anyone to diminish me or to make me feel unworthy today.

I will let my unique, beautiful light shine and radiate by just being me, every day more.

I will stay aligned with my truth, my heart, my intuition, and my boundaries.


Today I care for myself and make self-love my priority.

By doing so, I will discover and unfold my unique offerings to the universe.

If everyone would do this, the world would be a much better place.


So my commitment for today is: I love myself just as I am. 

No matter what will happen on this day, no matter how challenging the circumstances, that’s my commitment.

I love myself just as I am. 


I thank myself for being me.