I trust you completely. I don’t have any doubt about your authenticity. I know that I can always rely on you. No matter what happens, you are by my side.


It is safe for me to show you my vulnerability. You give me the space to share my true feelings. There is no judgment, no shame, and no hiding behind masks. It is the greatest gift you could ever offer.


When you express your own vulnerability, it touches me in the most tender place of my heart; it makes me cry with compassion. These are the moments when our souls genuinely meet, when our hearts radiate on the same frequency. We look into each others eyes and see our true beings, pure and unshielded.


In this state of devotion, I sense that I can trust you without the need for a back door. I risk everything because I feel safe; I feel at home. 

This space allows me to heal old wounds, to lift old blockages from my frozen heart, and to free my inner child. It no longer has to stay in its inner prison of repressed emotions, forced to hide its vulnerability so that no one can ever hurt it again. My inner child loves you for bringing back the trust in my life.


This trust changes the colors of the trees, the taste of a sandwich, the sound of singing birds, the smell of the rain, and my whole perception of the world. 

I know that you only came into my life because I was ready for it, because I trusted myself and believed that I deserve this love.


Our love reminds me of who I am and who we all are. It makes me believe that love will always win in the end.