I am sad. I feel vulnerable. Helpless. Enraged.

I am so touched by all the pictures and stories of the victims and their family members and friends.

My heart clenches, and the only thing that brings relief is to allow the tears to flow.


I can’t believe how human beings have lost the connection with their souls so completely.

The terrorists exude so much darkness and hate that there doesn’t seem to be a single seed of love left inside.


How does it feel to be so heartless, to have absolutely no appreciation of your own life or that of others? 

How can they believe that God will reward them for all this merciless killing, torturing, and spreading fear? 

What kind of God shall this be?


God loves us all unconditionally, and he will not reward or punish us for anything. God is the ultimate universal loving energy, which is inside and everywhere around us and connects us all.

This powerful force gave us free will and watches us all with a loving and compassionate eye.


A terrorist or a suicide assassin will have to take responsibility for his deeds when he arrives in the world beyond, but not as a punishment from God, but as a karmic balancing and as the desperate longing of his own soul to wake up from this nightmare and to ultimately find its way back to love and light, even if it takes a lot of incarnations.


Light and darkness belong together in this human world.

It is unexceptionally based on duality to offer the full range of potential experience.

In the middle of your sadness and consternation, take a step back and view the terror from a higher perspective. 

What do you see beneath all the suffering?

When you dare a look behind the curtain, you will see that this darkness forces each and every one of us to turn on our lights as luminous as possible.


What touches me even more than the horrible tragedies of terrorism these days is the amount of love, helpfulness, and compassion that can be felt everywhere.

People from all around the world get closer together, raise their vibration, and remember who they really are.


Confronted with death and regular warnings about terrorist attacks, they feel with every cell in their body how precious life and freedom is.

They rediscover their courageous inner warriors of light and make the conscious decision to be guided by love, not by fear.

The darkness of terror unintendedly causes the opposite inside of us: it brightens our light.


The terrorists will never win this insane war.

Their weapons of fear, slavery, and torture ultimately don’t have the slightest chance against the weapon of love. 

Even if they gain territory and power, even if they will kill a lot more of our bodies, they will never destroy our radiating hearts and souls.

It’s a symbolic war of the antagonistic forces: darkness against light, brutality against compassion, fear against love.


Love will win. Because only Love is real.