Only in darkness 

can we glimpse 

the fullest light

our soul carries

for us.


(Angie Weiland-Crosby)








When you decide to say

what’s true for you,

some folks are going to 

be uncomfortable with it.

That’s okay. 

You’re not doing it to hurt anyone.

You’re doing it to affirm yourself.

You’re doing it for that kid you were,

and for the person you’re becoming.

GOOD for you.


(Nanea Hoffman)









somehow our souls 

drifted through

all of time and space

to fucking find

each other,

and i need no other

miracle on earth

than this.


(Jose Chaves)









Trauma stays trapped 

in our system until

we make time and space

to cultivate a sense of safety

within ourselves.


Therapy can’t heal you. 

I can’t heal you. 

No one can heal you but yourself.


Safety and self-trust are cultivated bit by bit 

with each step that you take in a new direction.


Away from people and spaces 

that can’t see you clearly 

and towards people that can.


Away from people and spaces 

that teach you not to trust yourself 

and your own higher guidance 

and closer to a space of self-trust 

and safety within yourself.


When you cultivate this within yourself, 

no one can take it away from you. 

This is self-mastery.


Because ultimately, 

even though it’s scary to believe it, 

you are the creator of your own life.


(Kate Lally)









Our children don’t push our buttons;

they reveal to us the wounds 

we have yet to heal.


(Dayna Ciarfalia)









A little sunlight,

warm coffee,

bare feet on

the earth

and suddenly life

becomes less 

of a bitch.

We should make more

time for those things.


(Brooke Hampton)








Emotional maturity in a relationship

is letting your partner know 

how you feel before your feelings

make you start an argument

out of nothing.

This higher level of communication

helps you see how so many 

old arguments were not actually

about each other.

Tension tries to trick you 

into creating more tension.


(Yung Pueblo)









I won’t just burn

bridges anymore.

I’ll destroy portals

between worlds.

You are not allowed

near me if all

you carry

is toxicity.


(Erin Van Vuren)









You have to let go of 

the life you could’ve had. 

The life you would be living 

if you hadn’t made certain choices. 

The life that would have unfolded 

if you hadn’t let certain people 

into your life or if you just hadn’t been 

in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Wishing for things to be different and 

beating yourself up 

for the mistakes you’ve made 

won’t change your circumstances. 

It’s happened, it’s done, 

and this is where you’re at. 

And it’s okay. 

YOU will be okay. 


Your life isn’t over - 

it’s just going to be different. 

And different doesn’t have to mean bad. 

It just means you have to become 

more creative with your self-care. 

It means you have to find slightly different 

ways to navigate the world 

and your relationships. 


And sometimes, it means 

finding new strengths; 

strengths that become anchors 

and anchors that open new doors. 

Doors that lead to new passions and 

friendships and connections. 

Doors that make you look back and smile 

for having doubted the resiliency of life - 

for doubting your own resiliency. 


You can’t go back and change the past, 

but you can decide how you live today. 

Your story isn’t over yet. 

There may be pain and struggle, 

but there are always ways 

to make your time here 

meaningful and worthwhile. 


It might take time, 

and it might challenge you, 

but the light is there. 

There is always a way. I promise.


(Daniell Koepke)









Your very body is Earth.

Let’s walk gently and

sensibly on this planet.











Be brave.

Learn to love 

the parts of you

that scare you the most.

They hold untold stories

of being hurt and 

not knowing what to do

with that pain.

When you get close to them,

you will see they are also afraid,

but never unlovable.


We often fail to see, 

it’s not that younger version of us 

we dislike, or are afraid of, 

it’s the stories they carry. 

It’s our job to help them navigate 

their way out and find us, 

their greatest advocate, 

standing alongside them… 

offering relief, hope, unconditional love. ⁣


(Nate Postlethwait)









Believe in yourself.

Know your worth.

Set healthy boundaries.

Trust your intuition.

Release toxicity.

Command respect.

Lead with love.


(Creig Crippen)









To live in this world, 


you must be able 

to do three things: 

to love what is mortal; 


to hold it against your bones 

knowing your own life 

depends on it; 


and, when the time comes 

to let it go, to let it go.


(Mary Oliver)









Just because it 

hasn’t arrived yet

doesn’t mean

it’s not coming.

It swims slowly 

and steadily.

It rides the river 

through the thick 

forests and canyons 

that have bended and

shaped themselves

so that very thing

can reach you.


(Victoria Erickson)









For healing work to work,

you have to be willing to do

the feeling work.


Sometimes people think they are ready to heal. 


But they want to heal without feeling too much. 

They don’t want to revisit their wounds and feel all their feelings because they worry it would all get overwhelming. 


They think they’ve done a fairly decent job of “dealing” with it, by not dealing with it at all. 


Unfortunately, until you don’t pause and deep dive into those dark areas you’re so afraid of, until you’re not willing to feel, you will not heal. 


You can’t talk your way out of healing.

You also can’t ‘positive vibes only’ your way out of healing. 


No amount of talking about your pain (though this is a very crucial step in the beginning) will help your body release the pain. 


No amount of someone else doing the spiritual healing work FOR you, will excuse you from doing YOUR part of the healing work on the physical plane. 


In order to heal, there has to be a willingness to feel.⠀


Anything that keeps you from feeling,

is a temporary bandaid. 

It only intensifies the pain. 

It keeps you identified with it. 


The less you think you feel, the more you’re not willing to see. 

There’s no easy way out when it comes to trauma recovery. 


All those old emotions that scare you need to felt and moved.



The more you avoid the process the more you stay stuck and repeat the cycles, or recreate new toxic patterns as an effect.


There’s no shortcut when it comes to original pain work. 

It’s uncomfortable, and, so worth it. 


(Manasi Dalvi)









The behaviors that we have 

the hardest time letting go of 

have been protective for us

in some way, no matter 

how much we want to change them.


Are they still?

& if not, what is something that would be

a nurturing way to meet that need?


What do you believe the behavior or area of life you feel rigidity around has tried to protect you from?

Do you still need it to?


Typically, these patterns become more pronounced when we are out of our routines, under stress, or in a transition.


Somewhere along the way, your behavior served a purpose.

Maybe it helped you feel in more control when you felt otherwise out of control as a child.


Maybe it kept you from experiencing being hurt by loved ones.


Maybe it seemingly kept the peace in your family.


What changes when you see that behavior as having served a purpose rather than being something to admonish?


What happens if you ask it to take a step back and allow you to try and manage things on your own?


Our behaviors (conscious or unconscious) reveal a lot about our beliefs.

Do the beliefs you hold about your place in the world still ring true today?


(Sarah Dergins)









Sometimes I wake up & 

have to remind myself: 

"There is nothing wrong with me. 

I have patterns to unlearn, 

new behaviors to embody & 

wounds to heal. 

But there is nothing wrong 

with the core of me & who I am. 

I am unlearning generations of harm 

and remembering love. 

It takes time."


(Yolo Akili)









Lovely days don’t come to you, 

you should walk to them.











You can’t please everyone

while simultaneously 

staying true to yourself.


This is where the both/and does NOT exist.

I cannot both please everyone AND stay true to myself.

I’ve yet to meet a person who can, so holler if you’ve found a way.


What’s confronting about this?

To begin, I’d like for you to explore which has been pegged as more important, more safe, more necessary for survival in your life and experiences.

What messaging did you get (explicit or implicit) growing up about being true to yourself or about pleasing those around you?

Maybe you learned you needed to please others in order to keep yourself physically safe.

Maybe you learned that you needed to make others happy in order to keep the peace in your family.

Maybe you learned that in order to get connection from a parent you needed to always say the “right” thing.

What comes up for you here?

Maybe you witnessed others doing the pleasing and that became a model for you.

Maybe you saw someone (or had someone explicitly) encourage staying true to self.

Maybe someone demonstrated healthy boundaries, communicating things that did and did not feel aligned. 


Friends, it’s so important for us to explore the origins of these things to understand what templates are driving parts of our lives and if there’s anything needing to be unpacked.

What does this look like in your life right now?

Are there people you please at the expense of staying true to yourself?

Do you know why? What is the threat?

What is scary about staying true to yourself?

What do you believe will happen if you do?


(Vienna Pharaon)









I think one of the hardest things

I’ve learned is that it isn’t 

my job to fix things 

I didn’t break.


(Kirsten Corley)









I remember, early one morning several years ago,

while working as a home carer,

I found myself washing faeces

off a man’s giant, swollen testicles.

He was dying of cancer which had spread

throughout his testicles and prostate,

and in the night he had defecated himself

and rolled all around in the mess.

We laughed a lot together and

we chatted about football and

the latest news stories

as I cleaned him up.

He could barely move,

he was so sore and swollen everywhere.

He was myself in disguise.


He had a few weeks to live,

but he was so alive, so in the here-and-now,

without a trace of self-pity.

There was no loss of dignity there –

there was just what was happening

in the moment.

He had somehow found a way

to deeply accept his circumstances,

even though his life had not turned out

the way he had dreamed when he was younger

and he had time to dream.

It took over two hours to get him ready

for his day, to hoist him out of his dirty bed,

to get him toileted and dressed

and into his favourite chair.


He didn’t live for long after that.

But I will always remember him.


Even when covered in our own shit

and without a tomorrow,

we are nothing less than divine.


(Jeff Foster)









If you want to know where to find 

your contribution to the world, 

look at your wounds. 

When you learn how to heal them, 

teach others.


(Emily Maroutian)









Sometimes life will

overwhelm you to 

the point of

emotional paralysis…


Your internal capacities

will feel so depleted

that you won’t have 

much else to give…


Remember that even 

these moments are

usually temporary &

that you will be able to

surface from what seems 

like an unsurvivable 



(Dr. Mariel Buquè)









May the flowers remind us

why the rain was so necessary.


(Xan Oku)









Severe early childhood trauma created a child with equally intense coping mechanisms - these children are often seen as 'mature for their age' and 'old souls'. 

While maybe true, it often negates the fact that their innocence was taken away at an early age and they are in survival mode. 


(Azia Archer)