Whenever you encounter someone

who’s trying to become a better person,

someone who’s learning,

someone who’s growing, 

someone who’s living their truth,

and you’re not ready 

to add value to their life,

please respect them,

their path, and their energy,

and just admire them from afar.


Don’t interrupt their becoming.


Don’t try to dull 

their fucking shine.


(Creig Crippen)









My mission in life is not merely to survive, 

but to thrive; and to do so

with some passion, some compassion,

some humor, and some style.


(Maya Angelou)









Learning the language of my body

is important. It tells me about

my needs and my insides.

It tells me about my environment

and my energy exchange with others.

When I ignore or silence this voice,

my body reaches out in whatever way

it can to get my attention…

often in increasingly dramatic and

uncomfortable ways. 

The voice of my body will not 

be silenced.

It is a force of nature.

So, I listen.


(Tutu Mora)









Authenticity is when you say and do 

the things you actually believe.


(Simon Sinek)









Can the purpose of a relationship be to trigger our wounds?

In a way, yes, because that is how healing happens; darkness must be exposed before it can be transformed.

The purpose of an intimate relationship is not that it be a place where we can hide from our weaknesses, but rather where we can safely let them go.

It takes strength of character to truly delve into the mystery of an intimate relationship, because it takes the strength to endure a kind of psychic surgery, an emotional and psychological and even spiritual initiation into the higher Self.

Only then can we know an enchantment that lasts.


(Marianne Williamson)









Children see magic 

because they look for it.


(Christopher Moore)









Love me or hate me. 

I don’t care. I really don’t. 

And it took me a long time 

to reach the point of 

being completely unaffected 

by someone else’s opinion about me. 

It was hard work, but no one can 

take that away from me now. 

That soul work I did and all I’m still doing; 

It’s mine. I own it. It belongs to me. 

I belong to me and only me. 

No one has the power to touch it, 

take it, or even look into the way 

I have rebuilt myself after 

free falling for so long. 

I am as free as I have ever been. 

Powerful, brave, graceful and strong; 

I did that and it’s beautiful. 

No one has the power to turn it ugly. 


(Stephanie Bennett-Henry)









My favourite people 

are those with 

cracked hearts 


and deep thoughts

and brave voices

and soft brows

and strong backs

and dancing feet

and colourful feelings


and hands 

that will hold mine

when I need

a bit of reassurance.


(S.C. Lourie)









Go back and take care of yourself. 

Your body needs you, 

your feelings need you, 

your perceptions need you. 

Your suffering needs you 

to acknowledge it. 

Go home and be there 

for all these things. 


(Thich Nhat Hanh)









I want people to step into their power 

and to share their successes and 

their stories of healing because 

that’s how others know it’s possible. 

People can heal. Even from the 

most dire circumstances, people do heal. 

It’s important for others to hear that 

because it gives them encouragement.


(Anita Moorjani)









You yourself are the eternal energy 

which appears as this universe. 

You didn’t come into this world. 

You came out of it, 

like a wave from the ocean. 

You are not a stranger here.


(Alan Watts)









Many of us feel uncomfortable revealing to others - and even to ourselves - what lies beneath the surface of our day-to-day consciousness.

We get out of bed in the morning and begin again where we left off yesterday, attacking life as if we were waging a campaign of control and survival.

All the while, deep within us, flows an endless river of pure energy.

It sings a low and rich song that hints of joy and liberation and peace. Up on top, as we make our way through life, we may sense the presence of the river.

We may feel a subtle longing to connect with it.

But we are usually moving too fast, or we are distracted, or we fear disturbing the status quo of our surface thoughts and feelings.

It can be unsettling to dip below the familiar and descend into the more mysterious realms of the soul.


(Elizabeth Lesser)









In three words 

I can sum up 


I've learned 

about life: 

it goes on.  


(Robert Frost)









There will be some who

greet you with garbage 

even when you come to them

with the most beautiful bouquet.

They will insist that you explain

your light even when they can 

see it clearly. Say nothing.

Smile and keep shining.


(Alexandra Elle)









i can only

give to you

what i have already

given to myself


i can only


the world as much as

i understand myself


(Yung Pueblo)









I know 

you and I

are not about poems or

other sentimental bullshit

but I have to tell you

even the way 

you drink your coffee

knocks me the fuck out.


(Clementine von Radics)









You will die 

a thousand times

before you wake up

feeling alive in

your own skin.


You will love all 

of the wrong hearts

before you realize 

the strength in

your own.


(D. Antoinette Foy)









A Wish for the Week Ahead


May you remain calm or at least quiet

when faced with a world that is full of

shouting and conflict.

May you remember that you know

who you are, may your heart be open

to what is trying to find you,

and may you allow yourself to 

say no without guilt.

May your coffee be strong, 

may your meetings be short,

and may all your LOLs be real.


(Nanea Hoffman)









When you fear the abandonment

by another, the probability of you

abandoning yourself goes up.



“If I betray myself enough,

then you won’t leave me.” 

These word may never have been spoken exactly that way by you, but the message is often what is present when we fear someone abandoning us.


Wounded attachments from childhood are often where this programming has its origin story. 

What must I trade in order to attach? In order to be enough? Chosen? Loved? What must I give away of myself to gain those things from you?

We seek what is familiar to our system, and we can find ourselves re-enacting the past.

Our system gets drawn into familiarity and seeks to recreate in order to find a different outcome.

Except, we can’t guide ourselves to a new outcome if we aren’t awake.

We can’t get there if we abandon or betray ourselves in order to keep another.


This work is HARD. Take a moment here.

What we’re communicating is that it is more threatening to be abandoned by another than to betray ourselves.

Our need to be chosen by another is superior to being chosen by ourselves.

We must journey back into our wounds, trauma, and story to inspect and unpack.

There’s work in our origin story that needs our attention so that we can pivot.

We cannot have authentic connection and attachment if we are abandoning ourselves.

It just won’t work that way.

So if the above is landing for you, begin to consider your origin story around being abandoned.

Explore expectations around relationships.

What do you believe is your partners responsibility with you and vice versa?

What does abandoning yourself feel like?

How have you reasoned that away?

What do you believe being chosen will heal in you? 


(Vienna Pharaon)











I don’t want to hear what you believe

I’m not at all interested in your certainty

I couldn’t care less about

your unexcelled perfection


Share with me your doubts

Open up your tender heart

Let me in to your struggles


I’ll meet you in that place

Where your spiritual conclusions

Are starting to crack open


That’s where the creativity lies

That’s where the newness shines

That’s where we can truly meet:

Beyond the image


Your imperfections

Are so perfect

In this light


I don’t want you to be perfect

I want you to be real


(Jeff Foster)









Nothing more dangerous 

than a person who healed himself 

with the help of nobody.

If you can rise up 

from the shit they left you in, 

there’s no MF out there 

who can tell you shit.

Speaking from experience.

That’s the truth.


(Tom Hardy)