If you‘re not willing to do the

work, save your lover now,

and let them go. If you are not

willing to look at your shit,

acknowledge what is yours, and

get to know the pain inside you,

you will never be able to hold

their pain too. You will always

be afraid of your edge, and the

edge, my dear, is where lasting

love is born.


(Mark Groves)



Before you can go anywhere,

you must accept where you are.

Only the journey that 

begins with self-acceptance

ends with self-improvement.


(Vironika Tugaleva)





The age of gurus and disciples is dying.

The time of second-hand spiritual revelation is coming to an end.

A new age of democratic teacher-student relationship is dawning.

Where we are all teachers and we are all students.

And we are all expressions of the One.

And we all have direct access to the Divine. 


And no guru has the final Answer. 

And we are all free to ask Questions. 


I have no guru. I have never had a guru.

Or rather, life itself has been my greatest guru. 

Pain has been my guru. Joy has been my guru. 

The most profound heartbreak has been my guru. 

Every relationship has been my guru. 

Every death has broken my heart open and taught me and saved me.

Every moment has transmitted the teaching.

Every disappointment has brought me closer to the Ground,

closer to the peace that is my own absence. 


The guru was not found on an ashram in India. 

Or in ancient books. 

It was found Everywhere.

In friends, lovers, students, teachers, strangers on the Number 23 bus. My cat. A broken heart, mending. A song on the radio that suddenly took my breath away. A missed opportunity. A promise, kept or unkept. 

You are all part of this divine play, friends.

This heaven in which everyone receives exactly what they need. 

Not always what they want, but always what they need.

And you are all held in the arms of the Beloved, without exception.


Fuck it. Call me a guru, call me a non-guru, call me a fraud.

Call me a friend, call me a narcissistic screwed-up mess. 

Ignore my song completely.

I honestly don't mind. 

I love you, and I love this perfectly broken-open life 

where our conclusions are continuously exploding 

like dying stars.


(Jeff Foster)



If we’re going to talk, 

then let’s talk. 

Forget about what is polite or

proper and delve right into

what is sincere and honest.

Lead me down through the

labyrinth of your true,

spectacular self. 

I am not interested in


If you want a conversation,

then let’s get lost.


(Beau Taplin)



Most human beings have an almost

infinite capacity for taking things 

for granted.


(Aldous Huxley)




your world will be

forever full of hollow heroes

until you learn

to save yourself.


(Becca Lee)



A thousand times we die in one life. 

We crumble, break and tear apart 

until the layers of illusion are 

burned away and all that is left, 

is the truth of who and what 

we really are.


(Teal Swan)



It’s up to you - it’s always up to you. You can deny, repress, distort, and bury your unresolved wounds all you want. You can re-frame them, pseudo-positivity them, detach from them, bypass them. You can re-name yourself, hide away in a monastery, turn your story around. And you can spend all your money on superficial healing practices and hocus-pocus practitioners. But it won’t mean a damn thing, if you don’t do the deeper work to excavate and heal your primary wounds. The material is still there, right where you left it, subconsciously ruling your life and controlling your choices. This is the nature of unhealed material - it is alive, and one way or the other, it will manifest itself in your lived experience. It will language your inner narrative. It will obstruct your path and limit your possibilities. It lives everywhere that you live. And so you have to decide - excavate it and bring it into consciousness where it can be worked through and integrated; or repress it and watch it rule your life. It’s one of the hardest truths we have to face: If we don’t deal with our stuff, it deals with us. There is no way around this. Choose. 


(Jeff Brown)



i want more men

with flowers falling from their skin.

more water in their eyes.

more tremble in their bodies.

more women in their hearts 

than on their hands.

more softness in their height.

more honesty in their voice.

more wonder.

more humility in their feet.


(Nayyirah Waheed)



I must be a mermaid. 

I have no fear of depths and 

a great fear of shallow living.


(Anaïs Nin)



Just as we strive to protect and conserve earth’s energy resources, we can strive to protect and conserve our own. Become more aware of the impact of things, people, and activities on you and your energy. 


What feeds you, charges you? What drains and depletes you?


As you grow and become more sensitive to how things feel to you, you’ll naturally grow to dislike and be uncomfortable with whatever drains or negatively impacts your energy. Yes, some difficult, draining situations are inevitable.


But we can learn to protect ourselves in those situations. Sometimes we need to let go of people, places, and behaviors that don’t work for us anymore, that drain, exhaust, and deplete us.


Pay attention to the impact of certain people, places, behaviors, and events on your energy. 


Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods, drink certain beverages, go certain places. 


Learn to listen to your body, your emotions, and your heart. Be prepared to let go of some things and people along the way. Be gentle with yourself while you do.


Learn to conserve your energy. It is a precious, valuable resource.


(Melody Beattie)



no matter how many times your

heart breaks, love again. and again.

pull the layers from your heart 

open, even wider than the last time.

sing and dance in vulnerability.

because the most tragic thing of all,

is to give up on love.


(Simi Fromen)



Get out of your head 

and get into your heart. 

Think less, feel more.





Life is brutal. But it’s also beautiful. 

Brutiful, I call it. 

Life’s brutal and beautiful 

are woven together so tightly that 

they can’t be separated. 

Reject the brutal, reject the beauty. 

So now I embrace both, 

and I live well and hard and real.


(Glennon Doyle Melton)



People are strange: They are 

constantly angered by trivial 

things, but on a major matter 

like totally wasting their lives, 

they hardly seem to notice.


(Charles Bukowski)



Don‘t worry about if

they like you or not.

Most of those

opinionated fuckers

don‘t even like themselves.

If you want things to change,

you‘re going to have to

wake up and just do you.


(Brooke Hampton)